What We Do

Asian Charity Services (ACS) provides capacity and community building services for small to medium sized NGOs in Hong Kong by connecting them with businesses, social-minded individuals and other organizations which can provide advice and resources. We empower our NGO community through training, consulting, volunteerism and community connection.

Our Beliefs


Caring for our community is at the heart of everything we do, and why we are passionate about serving those who serve.


We connect NGOs with resources such as skilled volunteers, subject matters experts and grant-makers, enabling them to be more effective, efficient and sustainable.


We strive to make a positive impact on the non profit sector, thereby making Hong Kong a better community for everyone. We are deeply grateful for our ACS community of NGOs, volunteers and resource partners.

Our Services

Since 2007, ACS has provided professional development, training and consulting services to over 900 NPOs — based on a foundation of over 1200 skills-based volunteers and subject matter experts. We help NGOs create maximum impact by providing support for upscaling their capabilities and community connection through three main services:  

Capacity Building

  • Upskill in areas such as digital marketing strategies, fundraising pitches and other cutting-edge learning, empowering NGO’s to connect more deeply with stakeholders
  • Deepen and broaden strategic and operational impact through 1-1 consulting
ACS corporate project

Cross-Sector Partnerships

  • Development of innovative community programs to serve unmet NGO needs within sectors
  • Address a social vision or theme by bringing together organizations such as corporates, foundations and NGO’s within sectors such as mental health, elderly or youth mobility

Community Building

  • Share urgent needs and connect NGOs with donors and other resources
  • Promote networking and collaboration within sectors of the NGO ecosystem

Our Impact

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How We Serve



An Interview with ACS Volunteer Luke

Luke is a pracademic, who has academic interests in nonprofit, social enterprise, and ESG while pursuing the application of knowledge to create tangible impacts. Currently, Luke serves as a Lecturer in Nonprofit Management at HKU and offers consultancy services to numerous organizations on scaling impact across Hong Kong and mainland China. His motto is: To accompany more people in pursuing happiness through kindness and advocacy. To assist more people in achieving happiness with goodwill and justice.

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An Interview with ACS Volunteer Yvonne Mok

Joseph is a designer who believes in social innovation and promoting Design Thinking. He is experienced in projects in industrial design, health care, aging, etc., all with social causes. Joseph enjoys teaching / facilitating Design Thinking workshops to individuals as well as organization.

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