Strategic consulting workshops

Summary and Goals

ASCEND Workshop Series offers management consulting style workshops aimed at improving your NGO strategic capability in fundraising, strategic planning and board leadership.

Our goal is to help you plan your NGO strategy, develop a fundraising plan, and improve board governance.

We tap into the experience and skills of our volunteers to work with leadership teams to improve their NGO strategic capability.


Who Should Attend: 
4+ Leaders and / or Board members per NGO.
3 evening sessions over 6-week period.

Time Investment: 12-18 hours over 5-8 weeks.


NGO leadership teams work closely and deeply with committed volunteers to develop an implementation blueprint organising and addressing their key internal and external challenges.  Often used at inflection points in an NGO development, it can help build leadership consensus and clarify organisational strategy.

For NGOs

  • Understand comparable organisations
  • Receive new independent perspectives on your SWOT
  • Reassess your NGO operations and financial capacity
  • Build board and leadership consensus
  • Take away a detailed plan for  implementation

For Volunteers

  • Participate in the strategic development of a vibrant Hong Kong NGO
  • Get to know the leadership of and gain deep knowledge about the operations of an NGO
  • Work closely on a team of interesting, high caliber and passionate consultants

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