ACS IGNITE Next Generation Online Seminar | Board Governance

What are the best practices of effective, good Board governance ? How should these evolve over the life cycle of a nonprofit organisation to support and sustain the organisation? Equally, what are common pitfalls that can be avoided ? 

Join our expert speaker, Ms Bea Armstrong, and your peer leaders, for an interactive learning session on June 9, 2021, 12.00-2.30pm, via Zoom. Sign up below!

想了解有效及良好的董事會管治有什麽最佳實踐指南嗎?董事會的角色在機構的生命週期中應如何演變, 以持續地支持機構發展?又有哪些可以避免的常見陷阱呢?

我們誠邀您參加2021年6月9日,12:00-2.30pm 的網上研討會,與專家講者Bea Armstrong女士以及其他社會服務機構的同工一起通過Zoom進行互動式學習。


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