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Summary and Goals

Ignite Next Generation is a topical leadership development series consisting of half-day seminars for NGO leaders.

Our goal is to enable NGO leaders to acquire knowledge in cutting-edge topics and new learning methods with practical applications and takeaways.

Who Should Attend: NGO Board Directors, Executive Directors and Functional Managers1 half-day seminar

Time Investment: 2 hours topical orientation + 4 hours seminar execution


Skilled volunteers and NGO leaders work and learn from each other by sharing leading edge topics.

For NGOs

  • Hear from fellow NGO leaders
  • Learn from experts about innovative methods of working
    which will increase efficiency
  • Take away with you tips for Practical Application

For Volunteers

  • In-depth discussion, reflecting, thinking, processing, sharing and planning
  • Hear and learn from experts
  • Collaborate with passionate people


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