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Preparing NGO leaders to meet ongoing challenges

How We Serve NGOs

We help NGOs build leadership and organizational capacity through pro-bono training workshops, seminars and community networking opportunities. These services are critical for NGOs who face increased demand but have limited resources for growth. 

In addition, our Community Support Platform enables NGOs to share their needs with the broader community such as with resource partners. If you would like to increase awareness of your NGO and connect with potential resources, please join our Community Support Platform. 

We provide high-quality programs and services with the support of dedicated volunteers and subject-matter experts who are passionate about preparing NGO leaders to meet ongoing challenges and make a greater impact in their communities.

Through more than 900 sessions, ACS has served more than 700 NGOs. We have trained and supported more than 2,000 NGO leaders representing a broad range of social causes across Hong Kong.

NGO Appreciation


An Interview with ACS Volunteer April Tai

April was a senior corporate executive before she became a business consultant on sales enablement and innovations. Hong Kong has a special place in her heart, and she is grateful for all the amazing opportunities ACS offers to serve the local community here.

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“Our participation in the ACS strategic planning process gave all of us the time to think and reflect on the macro issues facing our organization. This was a welcome respite from the day-to-day activities we are so involved with. Having volunteers from the commercial sector to work with us provided insights that not only added value to the process but also have given us linkages for future networking. ”
James R. Murray
Chief Executive Officer, Plan International Hong Kong
"Coming fresh from a corporate environment, this gives me foundation resources to create a more structured charity. It came at a good time as it can only have helped the restructure/ transformation".
Claudia Schlesinger


Capacity Building is an improvement in an organization’s or individual’s ability to produce or serve.  ACS aims to create a positive impact on NGOs’ ability to improve their overall effectiveness of how they deliver their services and impact their communities.

ACS provides pro-bono, project-based training specifically for the leadership team of nonprofits. Current core programs offered include Strategic Planning, Digital Marketing and Fundraising Strategies. Other programs include leadership development with cutting-edge topics or best practice learnings through community gatherings. Most projects are based on a pre-designed curriculum. 

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Our programs are developed to empower nonprofit leaders in any social sector to learn from and work through common strategic and organizational challenges. As such, ACS programs are most beneficial for nonprofits that have been in operation at least one year. 

We ask for both a time commitment and a commitment to each other. 

Time: This varies based on the program and can range anywhere from 4 hours in one day to 20 hours over two months.  

Each other: While you are participating in a program, volunteers will be walking alongside you as part of your team. In order to make the most of your sessions, make sure you help prepare the team ahead of time with any pre-work and continue to communicate well throughout your journey.  


Most of our training programs and services are designed to be a catalyst for transformation so we do not generally provide support to implement plans. However, ACS will provide 1-1 consulting support to a few NGOs per year. In addition, many volunteer consultants choose to, at their option, support strategy implementation and some even join their Boards.

Most of our volunteers have a business background and they consist of a mix of corporates, independent consultants, subject-matter experts and retirees, as well as some who have experience in the social sector.

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