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“Every one of us is tenacious and dedicated and hard working. Yet we are also giving and loving and passionate. At Asian Charity Services we know we are building a stronger society supported by the professional leaders serving at NGOs across Hong Kong”.

Asian Charity Services is powered by a core team of staff, both paid and volunteer. Their drive and determination bring our workshops to life with detailed planning, expert content, well-matched volunteers, and all the right NGO leadership teams represented. We have a small office in Wan Chai where we lead operations.

Over the past decade we have learned that our team members are with us for a reason, a season or for life. Some are needed for a specific project or program (a reason). Others make a longer-term commitment and support a number of projects (a season). And some have dedicated a portion of their life and career to making Asian Charity Services a success (life). For each person’s contribution we are deeply indebted and very grateful.

Thank you from Asian Charity Services.

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Vivica Xiong

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining ACS, Vivica served at the United Board, an international foundation that supports capacity building among higher education institutions across Asia. She oversaw programs, grants, and initiatives in the areas of leadership development.


She holds a BA from Sun Yat-Sen University in China and an MEd in comparative and global studies in education and development from the University of Hong Kong, and an MBA from University of Chicago.


As CEO or rather “Chief Enabling Officer”, Vivica looks forward to enabling ACS and the non-profit community in Hong Kong to achieve their highest and their best.

    Yvonne Mok

    Finance Director

    Yvonne Mok received her MBA and chartered accountancy qualification in the UK. After returning to HK, she joined the Securities and Futures Commission and retired in 2021 as the longest serving director of the intermediaries supervision department. She is currently serving as Finance Director at ACS. 

    Jean Lau

    Program Director

    Jean started his journey in ACS as a volunteer consultant before joining as a staff. Prior to the non-profit sector, he held a number of key technology positions in investment banks as well as an entrepreneur. 


    He is currently the Program Director of the JC ENGAGE program, Jean works with NGOs to help advance the impact of storytelling and digital communications into the social ecosystem.


    Jean believes that the non-profit sector is an essential pillar of a sustainable, healthy, and civic society.

    Stephanie Pow

    Volunteer and Partnerships Manager

    Prior to ACS, Stephanie was in sales & marketing in the hospitality sector.


    She is currently the Volunteer and Partnerships Manager where she develops partnerships with corporates to aid “S” in ESG and also volunteer events to better engage and develop volunteers to support NGOs in capacity building programs and other core projects.


    Stephanie believes that transparency and equitable access to resources will help NGOs flourish and create a better Hong Kong.

    John Louie

    Senior Adviser

    Prior to ACS, John was in the Engineering and Construction industry for over 30 years, having worked in Europe, Greater China, and Southeast Asia. He started volunteering at ACS workshops in 2013.


    He recruits, engages, and develops suitable volunteers to serve at ACS programs and special projects, which support ACS capacity building programs for NGOs.


    John is passionate about preserving the environment and helping to make Hong Kong society more equitable and compassionate.

      Michael Tse

      Senior Advisor

      Michael started as one of the volunteers with ACS in 2011 but soon after became part of the extended team in leading strategic initiatives and piloting new programs whenever he has the capacity to make a difference.


      Michael has been working extensively in the China, North Asia, South East Asia and the US as both a corporate executive and a management consulting professional.


      He is passionate about social entrepreneurship and has been advising many social purpose organizations with presence in Hong Kong, on strategic planning, fundraising, organization development and program development to facilitate growth, sustainability and societal impact

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