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“Every one of us is tenacious and dedicated and hard working. Yet we are also giving and loving and passionate. At Asian Charity Services we know we are building a stronger society supported by the professional leaders serving at NGOs across Hong Kong”.

Asian Charity Services is powered by a core team of staff, both paid and volunteer. Their drive and determination bring our workshops to life with detailed planning, expert content, well-matched volunteers, and all the right NGO leadership teams represented. We have a small office in Wan Chai where we lead operations.

Over the past decade we have learned that our team members are with us for a reason, a season or for life. Some are needed for a specific project or program (a reason). Others make a longer-term commitment and support a number of projects (a season). And some have dedicated a portion of their life and career to making Asian Charity Services a success (life). For each person’s contribution we are deeply indebted and very grateful.

Thank you from Asian Charity Services.

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Jaclyn Jhin

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to ACS, Jaclyn was Chief Legal and Compliance Officer at CLSA; and COO of Global Capital Markets at Morgan Stanley Asia Pacific.

She has volunteered at various NGOs since her college years – e.g., Leukemia Society, The Nature Conservancy, YMCA of HK and Mind HK.

At ACS, she will be working with the team and key stakeholders of ACS (e.g., NGOs, Corporates, Volunteers) to encourage and strengthen the NGO communities in Asia.

Angelyn Lim

Program Director

Prior to ACS, Angelyn was a partner in major international law firms, specializing in Investment Funds and Financial Services Regulation.

As Program Director for our IGNITE Next Generation Seminar series, she provides training to the C-suite of nonprofits on cutting edge, Future of Work topics.

She is also the main proponent of our online Community Support Platform which connects For Impact Organisations with potential resource partners

Jean Lau

Program Director

Jean started his journey in ACS as a volunteer consultant before joining as a staff. Prior to the non-profit sector, he held a number of key technology positions in investment banks as well as an entrepreneur. 

He is currently the Program Director of the JC ENGAGE program, Jean works with NGOs to help advance the impact of storytelling and digital communications into the social eco-system.

Jean believes that the non-profit sector is an essential pillar of a sustainable, healthy, and civic society rather than an afterthought.

John Louie

Director of Volunteer Engagement

Prior to ACS, John was in the Engineering and Construction industry for over 30 years, having worked in Europe, Greater China, and Southeast Asia. He started volunteering at ACS workshops since 2013.

He recruits, engages, and develops suitable volunteers to serve at ACS programs and special projects, which support ACS capacity building programs for NGOs.

John is passionate about preserving the environment and helping to make Hong Kong society more equitable and compassionate.

    Peter Li

    Finance Director

    Peter’s primary role is to help ACS optimize our allocation and sourcing of financial resources. Prior to ACS, he was involved in Structured Finance & Project Finance with major international financial institutions. 

    He oversees the preparation of the company’s financial accounts to ensure that these are presented accurately and timely. 

    Peter is passionate about knowledge impartation, experience sharing, and continuous learning.

    Caitlyn Poon

    Program Manager

    Prior to ACS, Caitlyn spent a year working and traveling in Australia. 

    As the Program Manager of the SPRINT program, she supports NGOs to develop key growth skills such as fundraising, design thinking through “learning-by-doing” and cross-sector collaboration. 

    Caitlyn believes that we need people from all sectors to bring about holistic social changes.

    Amanda Tse

    Assistant Program Manager

    Amanda liaise and engage with the key stakeholders of ACS (NGOs, Volunteers, and Partners) throughout their ACS journey to create greater social impact. 

    She supports the development and delivery of ACS’s capacity building programs, as well as partnership development, community outreach and the various marketing & communication efforts of ACS.

    Amanda is passionate about building a just society for human flourishing, through the work of capacity building and social innovation.

    Vivian Tsoi

    Assistant Program Manager

    Vivian joined ACS in 2019 as an Program Executive. At ACS, she works with different teams on ACS programs and special projects development and delivery. 

    She also engages with various key stakeholders (NGOs, Volunteers, and Partners) and supports various research, marketing, and IT efforts of ACS.

    Vivian is passionate about the youth and elderly sector and hopes to empower NGOs to serve the community more effectively and efficiently through ACS.

    Louisa Lee

    Assistant Program Manager

    Prior to ACS, Louisa was a serial entrepreneur, working on several startup projects within the digital artwork and Internet of Things (“IoT”) space and also in the world of food and beverage where she established and operated a small chain of restaurants. 

    Before obtaining her MBA degree, she worked primarily in M&A advisory for consumer products and retail companies.

    As the assistant program manager of the JC ENGAGE program, she works closely with NGOs to support the delivery and implementation of their video and digital campaigns so that they can extend their reach to their target audience and make a powerful impact in Hong Kong.

    Louisa is passionate about utilizing her skills and abilities to better her surrounding community and improve the wellbeing of the people around her. 

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