An Interview with ACS Community Outreach Team

ACS Community Outreach Team

We are so pleased to profile some of our dedicated Community Outreach Team members sharing about themselves, in their own words.  We asked them all to share 3 fun facts with us :

  1. How they started their volunteering journey with ACS
  2. 3 words their friends would use to describe them; and
  3. Their key takeaway(s) on volunteering that they might share with a new ACS volunteer.

We begin with with Sarah Tam (who is in the bottom centre above and move clockwise) : 

Sarah Tam

I was looking for volunteering opportunities that could make use of my skills and experiences gained from the corporate world, and was introduced to ACS by an MBA alumni. I still remember the first Engage program I volunteered at – it was hard work, yet rewarding. At that point I knew that  ACS is the NGO I want to devote my time to.

My friends and family would describe me are : Adventurous, Optimistic, Efficient

My key takeaway to share with a new ACS volunteer : Through ACS you will get the opportunity to work with multiple NGOs, deep dive into their challenges, and offer hands-on support enabling these NGOs to better achieve their missions. I guarantee your effort will be rewarded with joy and satisfaction gained throughout the process, as well as in the network of like-minded volunteers you’ll meet!

Carmen Au

Two years ago, I decided to contribute to society via volunteer works and then tried several programs from different organisations.   I participated in the Sprint Hackathron by ACS , which was fantastic.  Since then, I joined more ACS programs. 

My friends and family describe me as : Creative, Flexible, Friendly

My key takeaway on volunteering : Not only I can contribute my skillsets and experience,  I also learn something new through ACS’s forums, working on projects and talking with people from different backgrounds. 


Dora Wong

I started to volunteer at ACS in mid-2017 when I took a career break.  The thought of doing volunteer work has always been my wish in contributing back to the society.  However, this plan never got executed previously because of busy work and family commitments. 

I learnt about ACS from a business seminar, and someone recommended me to check out volunteering opportunity at ACS.  My first volunteer work at ACS was joining an ASCEND workshop and I enjoyed it very much!

My friends/ family would describe me as : Thoughtful, Easy-going, Conscientious

My key takeaway : A new ACS volunteer may be a bit overwhelmed by the fast pace of ACS workshops or seminars.  The key is to be relaxed and open minded with the new people and new ideas.  You will be surprised by how much you can contribute and how much you can learn by volunteering.

Stephen Shum

I was introduced to ACS by a socially conscious friend. I started volunteering for the ASCEND program and then subsequently others too. It was what I like doing, assisting organisations to  improve and develop for the better!

My friends and family would describe me as : Serious, Perceptive, Involved 

My key takeaway to a new ACS volunteer : Volunteering is edifying, enriching, not always fun, but usually quite fulfilling 

Claire Ikeda-Thew

The notion that I have an obligation to give to those less fortunate was instilled in me from a young age.  We put money in the collection plate every Sunday, my parents joined the boards of organisations about which they were particularly passionate, and we donated turkeys and Christmas presents every year.  

In high school, I volunteered at my local hospital once a week.  I loved the hands-on nature of it, and directly engaging with patients.  As an adult with less time and more money, it is often easiest to simply donate money to preferred causes, but I still enjoy the hands-on nature of volunteering.  I am always looking for ways to instils the same values in my own children by getting them involved in service projects (beach cleanups and kindness walks are easiest here in Hong Kong).  

I was introduced to the ACS community outreach team nearly 2 years ago through the leader of the team at the time, and really enjoyed meeting NGOs to discuss their organisational challenges and ways ACS could help them operate more effectively.   I learn a lot in the process and find it intellectually stimulating!  I also volunteer for ACS workshops, where I can bring my investment and strategic advisory background to bear.    

My friends and family would describe me as : Loyal, Driven, Passionate

My key takeaway : Volunteering time and money are important, but volunteering your professional skills is uniquely fulfilling.  Your impact is levered by the capacity building you create within these organisations which exist to serve others.


Other Community Outreach Team members are profiled in past issues of our newsletter  please click on their names to read their story :

We wish to thank all our CO Team members this year for their hard work and fantastic support to the work of ACS, and that of our peer NGOs.

THANK YOU to all our amazing CO Team members :
Lilian Lui, Elaine Luey, Barbara Chung, Carmen Au, Christine Cheong, Claire Ikeda-Thew, Dennis Leung, Dora Wong, Ivy Tam, Jane Overton, Janet Wong, John Louie, Nancy Liu, Rosanna Mak, Sarah Tam, Stephanie Yu, Stephen Shum.

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