An Interview with ACS Volunteer Dora Wong

Welcome to another “face of ACS”, an interview series starring ACS Volunteers and their journey in serving the non-profit community.

Dora Wong is a working mum who joined ACS during her career break in 2017. After participating in several ASCEND workshops, she helped to create a new ACS program – the Sprint Hackathon. Since then, she has been a committed member of the Sprint curriculum and strategic planning team, even after she returned to the workforce.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?        

Helpful, easy-going, conscientious

When did you first start your volunteering journey, and why?

I started to volunteer with ACS in mid-2017 when I took a career break. It had always been my wish to contribute back to society. However, this plan never got executed previously because of my busy work schedule and family commitments. The career break allowed me to rethink my personal priorities and initiate my volunteering journey. I have been back at work now for more than a year, but I am still committed to continuing my volunteering journey.

What new things/ skills did you learn in your volunteer journey? 

My volunteer journey with ACS has been rewarding. I began as a volunteer consultant in the ASCEND program, teaming up with other volunteer consultants and the senior management and board members of NGOs to help solve their challenges in board governance, fundraising and strategic planning. I learned a lot about NGOs and the challenges they faced, and it was also good to work with other experienced business professionals in the workshops.

Being part of the curriculum team of the then new ACS program Sprint was particularly interesting for me as I learned a lot through research and working with subject matter experts on topics such as design thinking and social media. I gained new insights on simplifying complex concepts and using fun games so that new ideas and thinking could resonate better with NGO participants. These insights also broadened my own horizon as a business professional. It was wonderful to witness the birth and the evolution of Sprint!

What advice would you share with someone considering volunteering for the first time?

Do not procrastinate…just act now. If you struggle with where to start, talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues or go to the web. I’m sure you can find something interesting to start with. It is also important to share your volunteering aspirations and get the support of your family and colleagues.

If you could have one wish granted for the social sector space in Hong Kong, what would it be?

There are thousands of NGOs in Hong Kong with a wide diversity of size and social causes. I would like to see more collaboration among NGOs to promote social innovation, and to enhance beneficiary centricity and operational efficiency.

Thank you Dora!

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