An Interview with ACS Volunteer Elaine Luey

Welcome to another “face of ACS”, an interview series starring ACS Volunteers and their journey in serving the non-profit community.

Elaine Luey is a long-serving Volunteer and Project Advisor at numerous ACS workshops. She is also one of our most dedicated volunteers over the past 2 years. Elaine now serves as a member of Community Outreach Team to further serve the NGO community with ACS.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?        

Energetic, dynamic, positive.

Please share with us your volunteering journey so far and your motivation for volunteering with ACS.

I was encouraged to join ACS to support the mission of Serving Those Who Serve. I first volunteered in ACS’ ASCEND program – which is a management consulting style workshop aimed at improving NGOs’ strategic capability. That proved to be a great match for the skills I was able to offer. It is fascinating how well structured an ACS curriculum is and it was inspiring to work alongside passionate NGOs. I also learned from other like-minded and seasoned Volunteer Consultants.

Contrary to my business background with its strong emphasis on ROI, the first thing I learned while volunteering at ACS is: it is not the absolute number of beneficiaries served that counts – who can put a dollar value to helping a person reclaim a life of love, family, or freedom from sexual exploitation? It is priceless to help someone realize the last dream on earth which is so precious to an individual, however ordinary it may seem to others. There are many NGOs serving a significant number of beneficiaries from diverse groups in our community. It is the act of sharing abundance, love, and hope to these underprivileged yet valued members of our community.

From your volunteering experience with ACS so far, what would be your 3 top tips to those who have just joined the ACS Volunteer Community?

  1. Start with one ACS program, then try to expose yourself to other programs if time and opportunities allow: It will help your growth and also give you a better understanding of the other elements needed to support NGO partners more holistically.
  2. Although we are ‘Volunteer Consultants”, the NGOs are experts in their field and their organization. They have most of the answers! We just need to create the space for them, ask great questions, listen, and help bring clarity and depth to their thoughts; we are their partners.
  3. Have an open mind: what worked in your professional arena and with one NGO may not work with another NGO as they are all different from one another; each NGO is unique!

Thank you Elaine!

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