An Interview with ACS Volunteer Jamie Zhan

Welcome to another “face of ACS”, an interview series starring ACS Volunteers and their journey in serving the non-profit community.

Jamie is an assistant vice president in Corporate Citizenship team in Credit Suisse. Her day-to-day job is to assist all efforts in relation to grant-making as well as to create opportunities for employees to give back to the society. Previously, she was a project coordinator at Good Lab where she organized and facilitated trainings/workshops for civil servants, NGO professionals and social start-up entrepreneurs. Jamie is a weekend farmer, guqin (古琴) player, and mindfulness enthusiast.

She graduated from the Chinese University in Hong Kong with a M.A. degree in Anthropology.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?        

Reflective, positive, genuine

Please share with us your volunteering journey so far and your motivation for volunteering with ACS.

I become heavily involved with ACS because I found that my expertise and experience clearly interlinked to create the most value for the workshop participants when I volunteered on those programs. I was fortunate to support a few teams to win the final awards in different programs, although my main motivation for volunteering is to help the NGO team craft a campaign that they are determined to implement no matter whether or not they win.

From your volunteering experience with ACS so far, what would be your 3 top tips to those who have just joined the ACS Volunteer Community?

  • Partner with someone with experience; ACS usually assigns an experienced volunteer to team up with a less experienced one; or you can proactively invite someone you trust with the relevant backgrounds in relation to NGO operation/focused topics or simply passionate! You may need to call a few friends to understand the topics on your own before the hackathon.
  • Deep dive and play the game! If you want to maximize the opportunity, you have to be in the game; being a facilitator and playing a role as user/donor by providing insights from your lens is definitely necessary
  • Follow ACS’s curriculum but be smart; prioritize your time on those most relevant topics for the NGOs (not for the competition) and be willing to let go

Thank you Jamie!

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