An Interview with ACS Volunteer Madeline Kam

Welcome to another “face of ACS”, an interview series starring ACS Volunteers and their journey in serving the non-profit community.

Madeline Kam is a native Hongkonger who has been volunteering regularly at ACS since last year. This year, she transitioned from the corporate world to become the Executive Manager at Make-A-Wish Hong Kong, which grants wishes to children aged 3-17 years old, who are suffering from critical illnesses. Madeline has found ACS to be an excellent platform from which she can understand more about the social sector, and which allows her to apply her business skills to assist other NGOs in solving their problems.

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?        

Kind – Righteous – A Good Listener

When did you first start your volunteering journey, and why?

I started volunteering regularly in early 2018 when I decided to leave the commercial field and move into the NGO world. I did that because I always wanted to make a difference by helping people in need.

You have volunteered in all 4 training/thought leadership programs offered by ACS – the signature ASCEND and IGNITE programs, as well as the two newer ENGAGE and SPRINT programs. What has been your most memorable volunteer experience? 

Once, during an ASCEND program, the NGO I was consulting with faced a very serious financial crisis. Part of the homework for the volunteer consultants was to call that NGO’s funders for support. One funder that I called was surprised to learn of the financial challenges as they had not been aware of it. They were able to provide additional funding very quickly to resolve the financial challenge of that NGO, and allowed the NGO to continue functioning. My takeaway from that situation is to not be afraid to ask for help, as you never know where help will come from

What advice would you share with someone considering volunteering for the first time?

Put yourself into the shoes of the NGOs. Listen more.

If you could have one wish granted for the social sector space in Hong Kong, what would it be?

I wish for more synergy across different NGOs in Hong Kong, for more efficient use of limited resources.

Thank you Madeline!

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