An Interview with ACS Volunteer Norbert Woo

Welcome to another “face of ACS”, an interview series starring ACS Volunteers and their journey in serving the non-profit community.

My name is Norbert Woo. As a business executive, board member, advisor, coach and community volunteer, I enjoy connecting and collaborating with people and organizations to grow and improve, and reach their full potential through sharpened leadership and discipline. I am also passionate about social impact and innovation, and Chinese culture and language. 

What 3 words would your friends use to describe you?        

Encourager, Networker , Coffee 

What has your ACS volunteering journey been like? What particular instances which have stood out for you (and why)?

With every ACS engagement, I continue to be impressed with the team, their deep understanding of community / NGO needs and best practices, broad network and family of volunteers and partners, and their meaningful community work & impact. After enjoying my first experience as an facilitator, I have since been involved as a program advisor, trainer, and panelist. It’s a blessing to journey with NGOs, beneficiaries and stakeholders, and supporting leaders and teams on their strategy, digital storytelling and marketing efforts, and social impact measurement.  

During my involvement with the JC Engage program, I remembered how energizing and collaborative it was to serve alongside passionate ACS leaders, staff, and volunteers, partners and production agencies, and other community stakeholders. I really enjoy playing a team sport and it’s been fun tackling challenges with great people and supporting NGOs and the community together!   

What advice do you have for a new ACS volunteer? 

  • STEP UP when you hear the call to serve!  The more you serve, the more you’ll appreciate and love your community and grow your gifts! 
  • It’s ok to plan ahead to get the support you needNGOs, ACS volunteers, staff & partners all have multiple work and personal commitments. Be clear about your boundaries and where flexibility is limited (personal & work commitments)… but don’t be surprised if you enjoy spending more time volunteering 😉 
  • Discuss interests, strengths, where you want to serve & grow, and any concerns with your ACS / NGO leader. Give and ask for feedback – Feedback is a gift! Face challenges together as a team!  
  • Volunteering is FUN! Have FUN!  

Thank you Norbert!

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