CharityLINK: Link & Collaborate 同聚共創 · 協作坊 (February 28, 2023)

In the last session of CharityLINK: Link & Collaborate 同聚共創 · 協作坊, we invited Ms. Lorraine Chan, Managing Director – Corporate Affairs of LINK, and Ms. Rebecca Po, Co-founder, and Executive Director from Arts’ Options, to share their experiences on cross-sector collaboration and practical tips of building a win-win partnership with funders.

Building a win-win partnership with funders doesn’t sound easy to many NGO leaders. Yet, there are a few tips shared by our speakers on how NGO leaders can think from the funder’s shoes and be creative in proactively engaging funders.  

While our ChariyLink event has come to an end, we would like to thank everyone of you for joining our event and participating in making meaningful connections with your peer NGO leaders. 

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