CharityLINK: Link & Collaborate 同聚共創 · 協作坊 (November 29, 2022)

In the second session of CharityLINK: Link & Collaborate 同聚共創 · 協作坊 , we invited Mr. Billy Yeung, CEO of Feeding Hong Kong, and Ms. Maggie Liu, Ambassador – Charities Engagement and Operations from HER Group 電回之家, to share their practical tips of collaborating with multiple stakeholders on a  small and large scale. 

“Running a small NGO is like running a marathon with no finish line.”

Many NGO leaders in the audience reacted with a smile of understanding to this statement, which further sparked conversations and discussions around – how do we better collaborate cross-sector? What roles do NGOs, intermediaries, volunteers, funders and resource partners play in the ecosystem to facilitate effective collaboration? How do we tell our stories to rally for support?

Join our next CharityLINK event – participate in these conversations and make meaningful connections with your peer NGO leaders. 

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