Collaboration and The Future of Philanthropy

Collaboration is the future of philanthropy, as we have seen first hand from our experience during the past two years of the Covid global pandemic. Ruth Shapiro, Founder & CEO of Centre of Asian Philanthropy & Society (CAPS), shares with us, thoughts from CAPS’ Doing Good Index 2020, a study of the state of philanthropy in 17 countries in Asia. A panel of experts on collaboration: Branches of Hopes founder Tony Read, former CEO of the D.H. Chen Foundation, Allan Chow, and former Head of Partnerships at Shared Value Initiative, Hong Kong, Martina Mok, share their collaborative experiences and guiding principles. 

協作是慈善事業的未來,正如我們在過去兩年的2019冠狀病毒病全球疫情中親眼目睹的那樣。Centre of Asian Philanthropy and Society(CAPS)的創辦人及首席執行官 Ruth Shapiro 與我們分享了CAPS的《 Doing Good Index 2020 》,一個研究了亞洲 17 個國家的慈善狀況的指標。另有一組專家提供了他們關於協作的想法:希望枝子(Branches of Hope)的創辦人Tony Read,陳廷驊基金會(D.H. Chen Foundation)的前首席執行官Allan Chow, 共享價值計劃香港(Shared Value Initiative, Hong Kong)的前夥伴關係主管Martina Mok,分享他們的合作經驗和指導原則。



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