Community Projects

Cross-Sector Partnerships

Asian Charity Services (ACS) works with Corporations and Foundations to provide customized training, networking and collaboration for NGOs to address social causes within sectors. 

We work with our partners by first understanding their needs and goals, and then by developing and implementing strategies and programs that optimize their community impact.

Project examples include:
• Funding Intermediary
• Volunteer Leadership Development
• Sector focus such as mental health
• Community Building
• Research

Past Events

InterGeneration No Boundaries

In partnership with Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, Asian Charity Services launched the InterGeneration No Boundaries campaign to engage NGOs, funders, intergenerational enthusiasts and leading academia to explore opportunities for connecting all ages to support wide range of societal needs.

Mind Matters - A Hackathon for Social Impact

Mind Matters – A Hackathon for Social Impact, a campaign co-organized by Asian Charity Services and HSBC Private Banking that aims to rekindle Hong Kong’s can-do spirit by supporting local NGOs in further mental well-being services in Hong Kong.

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