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Our Community Outreach Team recently interviewed Mr Ted Tam, CEO of Work for All (WFA), to understand how the ACS Community Support Platform helped one of our fellow NGOs during the Covid 5th Wave earlier this year:

  1. What types of service does Work for All (WFA) provide to the public?

Work For All (WFA) is an online platform which aims to provide employment support for SN youth. We do surveys on different industries and share the employment analysis with them. Apart from offering consultation and job matching services, we also help youngsters to enhance their innovation skills so as to prepare them well for their target industries. Through public education, we hope to convey the message of workplace inclusion to organizations so that young workers will have a chance to unleash their potential. At the same time, we could contribute more to society and corporations and strengthen their productive force.

  1. 請問Work for All (WFA)為大眾提供甚麼類型的服務呢?

Work for All(WFA)是一個網上平台 , 主要為多元青年(SN Youth)提供就業支援服務。平台會對不同行業進行工作勘察,為青年提供就業評估、諮詢服務及工作匹配機會,並支援青年提升目標行業的創新技能 ,以及透過公眾教育推廣職場包容信息 ,讓青年擁有發揮工作潛力的空間 ,同時為企業及社會帶來更多生產力及貢獻。


2. How were your clients affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially during the outbreak of the 5th wave crisis?

Our service users, especially the disabled, found it very inconvenient for them to leave their house to buy daily necessities or collect personal protective equipment supplies during quarantine. It was also more difficult for SN youth to seek jobs due to the soaring unemployment rate.

2. 新冠疫情 , 尤其是第五波危機 , 對你們的服務對象有甚麼影響呢?

在隔離的情況下, 為我們的服務對象帶來很多不便 , 尤真是身體障礙人士需要親自落區購物或拿取得防疫物品 。此外 , 受到疫情影響 , 香港失業率繼續上升, 令到多元青年就業更加困難。


  1. How was the ACS Community Support Platform able to help your organisation?

With the help of the Platform, we were able to connect with our resource provider and set up the Safe for All hotline service.

3. 你認為Community Support Platform (CSP) 對你們機構有幫助嗎?

在這個平台的協助下 ,我們可以與捐贈機構聯系,透過它的幫忙 ,我們建立了Safe For All熱線服務 。


4. Can you tell us how the Safe for All hotline service helps your clients?

‘Safe For All’ is a hotline service for the disabled, SN youth and low-income families to contact us. We would also take the initiative to approach those who are in need. With the support of our resource provider, we could transfer all the daily necessities to our service groups. We hope to help them in the midst of the pandemic and meet the disabled, SN youth and low-income families so as to provide them with employment consultation and emotional support. If necessary, we will refer them to other appropriate services.

4. 可否分享Safe For All 熱線服務如何幫助你們的服務對象?

我們主要是運用Safe For All熱線聯絡殘疾, 多元青年及低收入人士等 , 透過宣傳 ,讓他們接觸我們 ,我們也會主動聯絡有需要人士 , 把來自社會各界善長人翁,慈善團體捐贈的生活必需品,轉送至上述有關人士 ,一方面可支援他們在疫情中的需要 ,亦希望由此認識到失業的多元青年 、殘疾及低收入人士 ,從而為他們提供就業資詢或情緒支援 。 如有需要 , 我們會轉介他們去一些適切的服務 。


5. What are WFA’s future plans?

We would like to be working partners with our service users. When the pandemic ends, we hope to help them seek full-time jobs so that they can live independently.

5. WFA 將會有甚麼計劃?

我們希望成為服務對象的就業伙伴, 期待疫情過後 , 可以協助他們尋找到全職的工作 , 使他們得以自力更生 。


6. What are the messages that you would like to convey to the public?

We hope that the community will understand more about our service users. They have the same potential as everyone else. But some SN youth are being neglected. We would also like the Government to provide cheaper market-oriented training services for our clients so that they can unleash their potential and the community will be able to recognise their abilities.

6. 你有甚麼訊息想帶給大眾?

我希望社會多些了解我們的服對象 ,他們的潛能與社會大眾無異 ,但一些多元青年會被遺忘 。另外 ,也希望政府能為我們的服務對象提供更多收費相宜 ,且符合市場需要的技能訓練 ,讓他們的潛能得到發展 ,早日達至社會認受的專業水準

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