Get to Know Charities: Box of Hope

Box of Hope means exactly that. A box filled with hope. It’s about children helping children. Box of Hope was founded in 2008 by two women who wanted to teach their children about the act of giving to others. For the children who receive these gifts, it brings joy and a smile on their face.

Preparation, Collection and Distribution of Boxes

Kindergarten and primary school aged children from 160 Hong Kong schools help to prepare suitable items into repurposed shoe boxes which they decorate. . Box of Hope also packs their own boxes with items they receive from corporate donations.

Usually once a year in September, boxes are collected at Exchange Square, with about 200 volunteers check eaching box and its contents.

In 2019, Box of Hope collected over 32,500 boxes. In 2020, due to COVID when schools were closed and some restrictions occurred when accessing space at Exchange Square, schools instead collectively raised HK$450,000 which Box of Hope used to prepare 65,000 boxes which were then distributed to local Hong Kong charities.

Charities who receive the boxes then distribute them to children in Hong Kong and in Vietnam, Philippines and Cambodia. One charity in Hong Kong who receives boxes is Harmony House who help adults with special needs. DHL is a major sponsor providing transportation to deliver the boxes overseas.

Positive Educational Impact For Hong Kong Children

By participating in preparing the boxes, Hong Kong school children learn, in an easy understandable way, about the concept of poverty and that there are children around the world their age who do not have what they have.

Children learn about the kindness of giving and thinking about others through packing of items into boxes. Some schools include the packing in their English classes by having students read the materials in English.

What’s Next for Box Of Hope

Expansion of its operations is being considered to include packaging and collection of themed boxes during different times of the year, for example at Chinese New Year.

Box of Hope is also looking into creating ‘virtual’ boxes for non- school related boxes for individuals and corporates.

Learn more about Box of Hope on our Community Support Platform

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