Get to Know Charities: Branches of Hope

Branches of Hope seeks to support refugees, asylum seekers and human trafficking victims in Hong Kong by helping them integrate and become positive members of the community. Various initiatives such as Stop Trafficking of People (STOP) and Refugee Opportunity and Development (ROAD) aim to provide comprehensive solutions towards restoring dignity, justice and hope to the vulnerable and marginalized. In addition to this, their flagship programs provide community members with educational support, employment support, language classes, after-school tutorial assistance as well as financial subsidies to help with daily expenses. 


The impact of Covid on the charity has been significant, with a large decrease in income due to the cancellation of major fundraising events and decrease of sponsorships. Insufficient resources have also led to difficulties in sustaining or developing current and new projects such as program outreach. 


Going forward, Branches of Hope plans to:

  • Establish fundraising presence online and offline to keep awareness
  • Seek funding to expand and support programs and services for STOP and ROAD
  • Seeking funding and donations for operations

Learn more about Branches of Hope on our Community Support Platform.

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