Get to Know Charities: Christian Concern for the Homeless Association

Hold the belief that they should serve “one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine” as if they serve God, Christian Concern for the Homeless Association responds to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of the homeless in Hong Kong, integrating both the Christian gospel and social services.

During this COVID pandemic, they’ve developed new programs to provide their beneficiaries with more holistic care, which entails rebuilding their self-esteem and social network to ensure a smooth transition back into society. Below are some of the highlights:

The “Jubilee House” Faith-based Social Housing Project (禧房計劃) – with reference to the biblical “jubilee” principle of equality – encourages the landlords to provide cheaper rent to those in need. This relieves the impoverished individuals’ financial stress on housing and provides a much more decent living environment compared with cubicle apartments (板間房). The “Call to Support” program (電話關懷小組) trains volunteers in the community to form 1 to 1 care group with their beneficiaries, aiming at offering the sense of belongings and providing continuous support and care to them. The “Light Walker Community Tour” (無家者導賞) empowers their beneficiaries to become tour guides who lead the public to experience the difficulties that one may face on a daily basis, allowing the public to gain a deeper understanding of the life of those at grassroot level. Lastly, the “Good Tenants” training Project (「好住客」培訓計劃) involves building practical, money saving and communication skills to increase employability, as well as roommate matching services to develop their social network and interpersonal relationships.

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