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Have you ever thought about how fathers can influence their children’s social and emotional development? Obviously, Allen Ha and Matthew Pine have. That is why they founded DADs Network in 2015 to promote active fathering, building stronger and more positive family relationships. To accomplish its goal, DN provides volunteers with multifarious support.


Date with DADs

Collaborated with kindergartens, the 1st launch of ‘Date with DADs’ attracted more than 1,000 fathers in 2016. Guest speakers were invited to deliver talks on parenthood-related issues while group discussions were organized for exchange of experience and problem solving.

Over the past years, the programme has subsequently extended from kindergartens to primary schools and junior secondary schools. It has serviced more than 10,000 fathers and families of 100 schools. As of today, 20 schools remain as active partners.


Shall Dads Talk Support Network

The “Shall Dads Talk” support network (父聯網) provides an effective platform for DN volunteers to exchange views with father groups in their districts. Currently, there are 12 groups each consisting of 5-6 members. The primary aims of their monthly gatherings are to share their fathering experience and establish a strong support network.  


What’s Next?

Most of the group gatherings have been conducted through Zoom since the outbreak of the pandemic. Face-to-face programmes will be organized when life returns to normal.

Learn more about DADs Network on our Community Support Platform.

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Grace Pow

Grace Pow

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