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Founded in 2014, EDiversity is dedicated to students, teachers and parents’ happiness and fulfilment in education. Focusing on the uniqueness of every student, we reverse the learning process to place the needs of students first.

We run the Learning by Doing Academy, funded by the Jockey Club Charities Trust. In the first edition in 2016-2019, we partnered with a local primary school to create a learning programme in afternoon classes. In the second iteration in 2019-2022, we expanded the Academy to 14 schools, developing GS curriculum with no textbooks or examinations, and evaluating students’ performance based on attitude, skills and knowledge.

We also launched a series of training and knowledge exchange workshops for teachers. It strengthens teachers’ capacity in lesson preparation and conducts class demonstration for teachers to ask questions, reflect on, review and set targets for their teaching. After attending our teachers professional development program, teachers have reported a transformative learning experience in class where students become more outspoken to raise questions.

We measure the outcomes of its programmes by class observation, research, random interviews with teachers, students and parents, as well as by involving parents in students’ work.


How has video been an important element in your marketing? What drove you to join JC ENGAGE?

We want to speak to the heart of our stakeholders. Video is a powerful means to illustrate our vision to teachers, schools and parents, in a way that words fall short. Video gets our message across more vividly and tactically, and it inspires viewers to think about their own role in education.


How has JC ENGAGE inspired you?

Though we had prior experience in producing school videos, discovering insiders’ stories was totally new for us, so we looked within our resources to document the work of Walkers. We also learnt a lot from watching other videos in this programme.

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