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The name ‘Empathy for the Elderly’ is self-explanatory : able to step into senior citizens’ shoes and feel how they feel.

This charitable organisation aims to nurture empathy and compassion in the community so that the public will understand more about the mental and physical needs of golden agers. Since 2013, volunteers have actualised its mission through their services.


I finally realise why some seniors do not like sports because they cannot stand for a long time. Now I will start teaching them some fundamental skills so that they can finish the exercise more easily.’


‘My experience in serving ageing retirees have empowered me to communicate with them more effectively because I understand their needs.’


What Are So Special about Empathy for the Elderly?

One distinctive characteristics is its intergenerational team that generates ‘power’ across multiple generations. The collaboration between the wise golden agers and creative youngsters inspires the team to organise fun activities for their target service groups.  Most importantly, volunteers have become more empathetic to ageing retirees.

Empathy for the Elderly always uses a test-and-learn approach to new projects. The organisation usually runs small-scale programs and collects feedback before seeking project funding.



The Ageing Simulation Programme, a signature event, provides an opportunity for participants to experience the physical and mental changes of seniors. About 100-200 institutions join this 1st-hand experience programme every year.

As the Champion of the InterGeneration No Boundaries Campaign, the Hong Kong Intergenerational Baseball League aims to use baseball as a medium to promote intergenerational integration. The collaboration between multiple generations helps to enhance their physical and mental wellbeing as well as boosting their self-confidence.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Empathy for the Elderly has developed different online programs on ageing-simulation experience, e.g. blurred vision.


What’s Next?

The 1st original Life Action Roleplay Game (LARP), 你.聽 , will be launched in June 2022. The primary purpose is to enrich players’ knowledge about ageing-related issues, such as health and age-friendly community.

Dynamic senior retirees will join the ‘Elderly Got Talent’ programme and be instructors of online summer interest classes for underprivileged children and families. 


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Grace Pow

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