Get to Know Charities: Fair Employment Foundation

Fair Employment Foundation aims to end the forced labor of migrant workers across Asia. By changing the migrant worker market and being one of the biggest and best recruiters and trainers, they hope to influence the government and wider market.

Fair Employment Foundation acts as an “umbrella” for Fair Agency (currently one of the biggest employment agencies in Hong Kong) and Fair Training Center (training Filipino migrant workers in communication skills and relationship building with employers). They promote ethical employment via public commitment from companies to educate their employees on fair recruitment.

During COVID, workers were stranded and unable to work due to travel bans. The training centre was unable to operate due to social distancing measures. Since placement of workers were drastically reduced, revenue was also severely impacted.

Going forward, Fair Employment Foundation aims to:

  • Increase fundraising, government subsidies access and build a sustainable income stream
  • Introduce cost-cutting measure

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