Get to Know Charities: Harmony House

Established as the first shelter for abused women and children in Hong Kong 35 years ago, Harmony House has developed into a one-stop anti-domestic violence service agency, tackling the social problems of domestic violence. They provide a comprehensive range of preventative, therapeutic and developmental programs to promote harmonious and healthy relationships; as well as training to multidisciplinary professionals and advocacy for policies and legislations.

They seek to provide a safe emergency refuge center for abused women and their children, raising sufficient funding to maintain the counselling and therapeutic groups for male victims. They also wish to prevent family violence and protect and address the needs of children who have been affected by domestic violence.

Going forward, Harmony House plans to:

  • Empower female survivors of domestic violence, equip them with particular skills and help them find jobs, in order to be more independent and interactive with the community after living in the shelter.
  • Look for resources and experts to develop individual potential of the survivors, including training one home repair, florist, handcrafted etc.
  • Provide better technology, such as iPads, smart phones, tablets headsets for children of abused homes to learn and engage in educational programs more effectively.

Learn more about Harmony House on our Community Support Platform.

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