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JC ENGAGE Video Storytelling Winner – Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Hong Kong Society for the Blind (HKSB) was established in 1956. It provides a wide range of services for persons with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI), and residential care for the aged blind. HKSB has started their journey with ACS since last year at the Mind Matters event – a Hackathon for Social Impact. In May, HKSB participated in HKJC ENGAGE – Video Storytelling Series and went through a series of training. With their hard work, they were recognized as one of the winners for the video production service.

What would you like to achieve through the video project?


There are so many visually impaired elderly in Hong Kong and we found that their mental health situation has been getting worse during the pandemic. We have a program, called Mindful Music, has proved to be useful to enrich the lives of the elderly blind and uplift their moods. Now, we would like to expand this sentiment outside of the center and into the ears and hearts of the families and friends of these elderly patients. 

While we are capable at providing this service, we don’t know how to share it with others, to those who do not have the access to residential care. That is why we attended the JC ENGAGE workshop to learn how to tell a good story that could get our messages across.


Could you share with us the most touching story you have seen?

One particularly touching story was their recount of two elderly neighbors living at the center, who used to be great friends and shared laughs and conversation, who got split up one day to live apart in two different levels of the center.  After some time has passed, one of the friends asked to be reunited with her other friend, and while the nurses admitted this visit, when the two friends reunited, the one being visited had no recollection and had completely forgotten about the visitor, her dear friend.  The visitor however did not give up hope, and started telling her friend about how they used to spend their time together.  Pretty soon, tears started welling from the one who couldn’t remember and finally, the two friends reunited. 



Through video storytelling, we hope that the HKSB team can effectively depict the needs, emotions, and feelings of the elderly through video, and hence reach into many hearts of the audience to take action and help remedy the present situation in society so more people can be helped.

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