Get to Know Charities: Integrated Brilliant Education

Integrated Brilliant Education (IBEL) has a mission to educate and empower underprivileged non-Chinese speaking children in Hong Kong. Their vision is to set up Education Centers providing quality, subsidized education support focusing on Chinese language proficiency and to facilitate life skills development. They currently run two such centres (in Jordan and Sham Shui Po) where enrolled children can attend after school to receive supervision and support to consolidate their learnings and ensure understanding.


During COVID, the education centres remained open, which provided stabilty and reassurance to underprivileged families. Opening hours were extended to accommodate smaller class sizes and provided stable wifi and IT support on site. Impressively, their enrollment grew at least 50% from pre-Covid enrollment numbers.


Going forward, IBEL aims to increase sponsorship to cover enrolment and recruit enough teachers to ensure dedicated attention for their service users.

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