Get to Know Charities: Kids4Kids

Kids4Kids is a local NGO that envisions a future where all young people are making a positive impact in their community, with the belief that they are “Never Too Young to Change the World”. Through programs that serve primary and secondary aged students, Kids4Kids creates a network that inspires creativity and builds capacity for young people to go through a transformative journey and develop their positive mindset and real life skillsets to become problem solvers in the real world.

The global COVID pandemic greatly affected Kids4Kids in fundraising income with a decrease in sponsorships and grants received. Many funders de-prioritised programs that develop confidence and resilience for young people which were deemed not a basic necessity and prioritised projects that provided immediate relief. Thankfully with the support of a few private donors who believed in our vision and that the time was even more urgent during this pandemic to invest in developing the capacity of our youth, Kids4Kids was able to quickly adapt our content online and we continued to deliver programs and served beneficiaries despite our challenges.

Going forward, Kids4Kids plans to:

  • Continue offering an option of online content for beneficiaries so that all programs can be accessible and inclusive This means Kids4Kids will require additional resources to run online and in-person programs, both in money terms and also needing more volunteers.
  • Give more young people the opportunities to experience transformative journeys and we will need more mentor volunteers who are passionate working with youth.
  • Diversify its donor base and seek funding to maintain current programs and launch new initiatives from like-minded donors and Sponsors who believe in our cause and the importance of investing in empowering young people, our future generation now.

Learn more about how to support Kids4Kids on our Community Support Platform.

Kids4Kids’ video from ACS’s Jockey Club Engage Video Storytelling program.

Case Study: Kids4Kids empowering youth through a transformative journey

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