Get to Know Charities: Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home

Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home (SBSH) provide shelter and help for the homeless and poor in Western District of Hong Kong, with meals (around 60 lunches and 80 dinners are distributed almost daily), hot showers and recreational facilities, conducting outreach to homeless on the street, and offering education and spiritual care to those in need.

Covid-related challenges include a steep increase in demand for SBSH’s services while faced with a reduction in donations and grants, since much of their funding derived from flag sales which became unfeasible during Covid. During this time, SGSH staff [voluntarily] reduced their salaries in order to sustain operations and their Board members supported fundraising initiatives via promotion on media and a movie screening.

Looking forward, SBSH’s plans include :

  • upskilling their service users to contribute to the centre by cooking and cleaning,
  • providing meals daily (which they are currently not doing) and
  • running homework classes for SEN children aged between 5 – 12 years old

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