Get to Know Charities: Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service

Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service (TPBCSS) was restructured in January 2010 from a social service centre originally established in 2003 by the Tai Po Baptist Church.  TPBCSS is a localised, self-financed organisation that comprises four service units, namely:  (i)  the Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service Centre, (ii) integrated family service, (iii) social work and (iv) children’s learning and development.

TPBCSS is supported in both funding and volunteers by the Tai Po Baptist Church.  It mainly serves needy families in inadequate housing, but is flexible and holistic in its approach to social service and receives. For instance, it was central to providing immediate relief and intervention after a recent fatal traffic accident that occurred in Tai Po (in Nov 2021). 

TPBCSS currently receives income for school social work services and community centre services supporting parents and children with special education needs. As of 2021, it supports 28 social workers serving 22 kindergartens and secondary schools, usually for a term of one to three years. 

TPBCSS has adapted its services in response to the Covid pandemic – it has switched its programmes to be delivered over Zoom since March 2020, organised home visits and distributed medical supplies to the needy in different districts.

Going forward, TPBCSS plans to:

  • Expand its donor and funder outreach;
  • Review its corporate governance structure; and
  • Develop networks with professionals with financial expertise.

Learn more about Tai Po Baptist Church Social Service (website in Traditional Chinese only).

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