Get to Know Charities: The CEO Foundation 主流夢工場

The CEO Foundation began its activities with the Family Anew program in 2003. The program aimed at replicating the foster care concept within the Luoyang community on the Mainland, where more than 200 disabled orphans were placed in foster homes and were able to grow in a supportive environment.

After the initial program, the Foundation has also implemented human-animal support programs based on pet therapy concepts. Its successful HI Partner program provides activities with selected dogs-in-training for youth rehabilitating from social-anxiety disorder (SAD), some of whom may also be paired with a dog to assist teachers (e.g., SEN students) in the classroom activities.

The Foundation offers second chances to eligible dogs from local shelters through the HI Partner program and is actively looking to pair them with youth who may benefit from interacting with them in a supervised environment.

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