Get to Know Charities: YAMA Foundation

Haven’t we had enough of sitting still? Not quite for some…


For many of us, the last few years of confinement have tested our ability to “sit still”. We were not able to travel, take a holiday abroad or even swim at the beach freely. Mock vacations/ staycations and local tours have become popular, as we feed our natural inclination to escape reality.


Did you know that this inner conflict is a daily challenge for those of us with disabilities or who need special education? People with disabilities are often unable to control their motor and muscle skills or may have impaired mental capabilities such as short attention spans and difficulty in concentrating. Being in uncertain situations such as the pandemic further amplifies such behaviour.


The yoga and art therapy offered by YAMA Foundation help tremendously to gain better control. Free sessions are offered to low-income families, to help improve the mental well-being of par6icipants, and, more importantly, empower them to self-soothe and cope on their own.


One-on-one classes foster deep connection and involve chanting, meditation, music and visual arts to calm the nervous system and bring stillness to the body and mind. One parent found the sessions so effective in helping her son sit still for more than half an hour at a stretch, when, before he attended the sessions, this was not possible.


YAMA Foundation strives to provide Hong Kong’s most vulnerable communities with equitable access to yoga, arts and meditation services. Their recent Accessible Wellbeing Conference was held virtually to reach more service users. They also plan to:

  • Deliver their flagship Yoga Therapy program under the new normal
  • Diversify staff to drive inclusiveness
  • Digitalise their fundraising capacity

Learn more about YAMA Foundation on our Community Support Platform

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