Get to Know HK Charities: Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre, Social Welfare

Founded in 1963, the Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre (the Centre) is a diversified social service organisation, with a focus on the eastern district of Hong Kong Island. The Centre currently serves a wide range of beneficiaries including schools, children, youth, families, ethnic minorities, the golden aged and the elderly.  The Centre’s mission is to care for all through quality service.

The Centre engages with children, individuals and families living in government-aided or subdivided flats in the eastern district. Through personal visits and interviews, the Centre determines the needs of tenants and provides appropriate assistance, such as food or other essentials. The Centre also initiates and facilitates encounters among tenants through topical discussions or training to foster a sense of community and purpose.

Going forward, the Centre plans to:

  • Engage with other NGOs for more opportunities for networking and collaboration;
  • Connect beneficiaries with more relevant resources, such as services and funders;
  • Bridge the intergenerational gap; and
  • Enhance its own internal management skills and impact measurement.

Learn more about the Methodist Epworth Village Community Centre here (website in Traditional Chinese only).


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