How will the IRD review of NGOs impact me? 稅務局對非牟利機構的覆核將會對我有甚麽影響?

Over the past 2 years, the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department has stepped up its review of the tax-exempt status of NGOs. Apart from the usual questions on updates of board member composition and constitutive instruments, financial statements, business etc, there appears to have been an increased review on sources of income of an NGO and the application of that income, with the potential for some NGOs to be exposed to Hong Kong profits tax on such earnings, regardless of their Section 88 tax-exempt status.

Independent observers expect this trend to continue as the IRD has increased the size of their charity review team. Some NGOs have already been advised that some of their income will be subject to profits tax.

ACS has partnered with PwC to bring you the latest on these developments, and their potential impact on NGOs, including yours. Expert speakers from PwC will present in English and Cantonese (via Zoom) at two separate sessions on August 10.

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在過去兩年,香港稅務局加強了對非牟利機構的免稅覆核。除了關於更新董事會成員的組成和章程文件、財務報告等常規問題外,稅務局對非牟利機構的收入來源及其用途進行了更多的審查,即使非牟利機構享有第 88 條免稅資格,也有可能需要為此類收入繳納香港利得稅。




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