Building Resilience

Summary and Goals

IGNITE is ACS’ signature leadership development program.

IGNITE will focus on Building Resilience in four key areas:

  1. Organizational resilience
  2. Financial resilience
  3. Operational resilience
  4. Strategic resilience

Through thematic seminars, consultation workshops, and by deploying practical tools, IGNITE equips C-suite NGO leaders, Board Directors, and future leaders with the knowledge and the practical toolkit to build and maintain the necessary resilience in different aspects of an NGO. With peer learning and shared experiences from a network of fellow NGO leaders and other Igniters, NGO leaders are supported to be effective changemakers even in challenging environments.

Each seminar (and its follow-on Consultation Workshop) will focus on a different resilience pillar, and you are strongly encouraged to attend all the sessions in order to reap maximum benefit from this series of seminars. Attendance at the relevant seminar is required in order to apply to attend the follow-on consultation workshop.

Target Audience: NGO C-suite leaders & Board Directors


Seminar – 3 hours (per quarter)

  • Organizational resilience: 23 Mar 2023 (Thu) (Completed)
  • Financial resilience: 21 Jun 2023 (Wed) (Completed)
  • Operational resilience: 7 Sep 2023 (Thu)          14:00 – 17:00 Register Here!
  • Strategic resilience: 23 Nov 2023 (Thu)          14:30 – 17:30 

Consultation – 1.5 hours (per quarter)

  • Organizational resilience:  27 Apr 2023 (Thu) (Completed)
  • Financial resilience: 13 Jul 2023 (Thu)          
  • Operational resilience: 12 Oct 2023 (Thu)          15:30 – 17:00
  • Strategic resilience: 14 Dec 2023 (Thu)          15:30 – 17:00

Online Resource Hub (Self-paced)




For NGOs

  1. Learn from experts and peers about building business resilience, innovative management models, and trends for NGOs.
  2. Network with peers and explore collaboration opportunities with fellow NGO leaders.
  3. Obtain deep-dive consultations from subject matter experts.
  4. Access resources and tool-kits to support continued learning and application.

For Volunteers

  1. Make a difference by leveraging your expertise
  2. Enhance your personal and professional growth
  3. Build valuable connections with like-minded individuals

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