Ignite Seminar: Financial Resilience

Join us, for our upcoming seminar on strengthening financial resilience through planning and risk management and hear first-hand practical tips from funders and funding professionals on how to develop a funder-appealing financial strategy.

The seminar will share insights with non-profit leaders on:

  1. How to plan and manage your organization’s finances in alignment with your purpose and goals
  2. How to identify and manage financial risks
  3. How to develop funder-appealing financial strategy

This seminar will be invaluable for enhancing your organization’s understanding of financial health to achieve your long-term organizational goals. After the presentation by our distinguished speaker on financial planning and risk management, attendees will have the opportunity to peer-learn with other non-profit leaders. This will be followed by a panel discussion featuring funders and fundraising professionals, who will share their insights on aligning financial strategy to enable more effective and sustainable fundraising.

Reserve your spot now: https://forms.asiancharityservices.org/form-6433258/acs-ignite-building-financial-resilience-ngo-registration

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