In partnership with Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation and Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation, Asian Charity Services launched the InterGeneration No Boundaries campaign to engage NGOs, funders, intergenerational enthusiasts and leading academia to explore opportunities for connecting all ages to support wide range of societal needs. 

More than 130 leaders from NGOs and social enterprises, together with more than 40 funders joined the Symposium, where leading academics and NGO practitioners from the intergenerational field shared best practices and social service applications. This Symposium also provided precious opportunities for participants to exchange ideas on various intergenerational topics and an exciting session for funders and NGOs to network and connect. Inspired by the Symposium, 38 NGOs submitted their project ideas that represent a wide range of social service application of the intergenerational approach.

After thorough deliberation, the two family foundations have arrived the following results:

2 winning projects

  • The Hong Kong Intergenerational Baseball League – Empathy for the Elderly
  • Appreciation in Generations and Community – The Education University of Hong Kong


8 shortlisted projects

  • YO! SSP (Young & Old in SSP) – Changing Young Lives Foundation 
  • Grandparents’ Buddies – H.KS.K.H. Lady MacLehose Centre
  • Kindness Talks – ImpactHK
  • Intergenerational Buddy Reading – Kids4Kids Limited
  • Stories of the Chemicals – La Violet Charity Foundation Ltd
  • Happy Gardening and Urban Farming for InterGeneration Collaboration – Saint Barnabas’ Society and Home
  • A Classroom Without Age – Woopie Social Enterprises
  • Toy Reborn Ambassador – YMCA of Hong Kong

Funders' Visions on Intergeneration Development in HK

Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation

Founded by Dr. Cheng Yu-tung and his family members in 2012, Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation (“CTFCF”) is a private family foundation that dedicates to provide opportunities and resources to the underprivileged, to empower individuals and to promote sustainable community development.

We envision to strengthen the integration and interdependence across generations to help advancing social integration and intergenerational solidarity in the community. By promoting the cross-disciplinary integration and reorganisation of social resources which were conventionally age-segregated, we hope to contribute to addressing the challenges brought by rapid ageing population. 

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation

Lee Kum Kee Family set up the Lee Kum Kee Family’s Foundation in 2008.  The core purpose is to drive philanthropic impact for a brighter future and create ways for the family to express philanthropy together through a single vision, multi-mission model.

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation believe that enhancing intergenerational relationships brings positive values to people with different age, background and culture and to eventually achieve intergeneration solidarity in our family and community.

InterGeneration No Boundaries Symposium

Keynote Speaker Session

Adopting an intergenerational approach in social services: your imagination is the limit!
Dr. Leng Leng Thang – Associate Professor, Department of Japanese Studies cum Co-Director, Next Age Institute, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore

Intergenerational Relationship During and Beyond Pandemic: from a Hong Kong perspective
Professor Eliza Lai-yi Wong – Professor, Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research, JC School of Public Health and Primary Care, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

NGO Practitioner Speaker Session

Adapting to intergenerational learning and collaboration – WWF’s Active Aging Eco-Guide Programme as a case study
Mr. Yamme Leung – Director of Education, WWF Hong Kong

Creating sustainable “LinkAges” among generations – The application of OQII model to enhance partnership among the community
Ms. Pun Ka Man Carmen – Manageress, Health Services, Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association

Resource List

Starting a Programme

  • Intergenerational Programming Toolkit
    Detailed planning tool that addresses questions that many may not usually think about, especially in the planning stage. Key reading in the planning stages even if you don’t use the framework.
  • The Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit
    A start-to-finish framework for planning and evaluating your program. Contains a 2-page evaluation tool to fill out that also gives plenty of possible objectives as well as real-life examples and outcomes.
  • Action Steps and Resources for Developing a More Age-Inclusive, Intergenerational Organization
    For larger projects this toolkit gives guidance and framework on the roles of each person within the development from the Board of Directors to those directly engaging with the community. Second half also contains practical tips on improving all aspects of promotion, hiring and fourth turning-based characteristics of each generation that may be involved.
  • 「齡」距離代際實務工作手冊 (Only available in Chinese)
    此手冊詳細介紹了由香港仔坊會與香港大學發展出的代際互動最佳模式(The Optimal Quality Intergeneration Interaction Model),一套配合香港文化背景及社會傳統的代際服務模式,並以「程序邏輯模式」(Program Logic Model)為框架,列出項目構思、籌備、實踐及評估代際服務的要點。
  • 合作不難!:如何與夥伴開展代際服務 (Only available in Chinese)

Sustaining Your Programmes

  • Connecting Generations, Strengthening Communities
    Further reading or day 2 advice for those looking to build a larger organisation rather than individual projects. Useful information on everything from building relationships and attracting and motivating volunteers and funding.
  • Intergenerational Programmes Evaluation
    Specifically for evaluation, advice on how to do so using quantitative and qualitative methods right down to interview styles. Great framework on page 44.

Existing Programmes and Examples

Case Studies and Data

Alternative Resources