Be Brave: The Significance of Service

Jaclyn Jhin, the new Chief Executive Officer of Asian Charity Services, is a woman of action, and a woman of service. Other than being a seasoned veteran in both legal and financial fields, Jaclyn has been an avid volunteer for her entire life.

Asking about her roots in the world of volunteering, Jaclyn delightedly reminisced about her first experience as a volunteer, and how this particular experience was integral to her lifelong dedication in volunteering.

“I started when I was about 15 years old as children hospital volunteer,” Jaclyn recalled, “I remember a little kid named Jose who had a terminal illness. His family would come every day and every day would be a fiesta.” This wasn’t the case for every children though. “There were other kids whose parents really didn’t show up as much, and it really pulled at my heart,” she continued, “that’s when I realised that volunteering does make a difference.”

Since then, Jaclyn’s volunteering ventures hasn’t stopped. Her experience was then extended to leukaemia awareness during her college years, in which she had fundraised for the cause. Subsequently, Jaclyn has joined The Nature Conservative as Director of Asia Pacific; and currently, Jaclyn is still actively involved in numerous charities on a directorial or advisory basis, including YMCA of Hong Kong and Mind Hong Kong.

Jaclyn’s unwavering dedication towards charitable causes comes from how she sees charities and NGOs as invaluable to our society, and was the impetus for her joining ACS.

“What I think about every day is what would a world look like without NGOs,” she said, “obviously NGOs are here because there is a massive gap and need.” Jaclyn then reflects on her decision of joining ACS. “I love the ACS platform because “we serve those who serve”, we’re here to walk alongside the NGOs to help them to be more impactful.”

Jaclyn’s first birthday at ACS

Jaclyn sympathizes with charities and the hardships of operating them, and hopes that she can use her position in ACS to serve other charities in the city. She believes that ACS is the best platform for charities in capacity building and collaborating; furthermore, she would like to act as a connector amongst NGOs and donors.

A Valiant Philosophy

Jaclyn has used the acronym BRAVE to summarize the strategies charities could adopt to increase their impact on society:

Believe in what you do: Charities’ belief in their own work is the foundation and precursor towards others’ faith in them. The lack of self-belief would only lead to a lack of confidence from other parties.

Responsiveness: Other than being responsive to service targets, Jaclyn believes that it is also important for charities to be responsive to others who are involved with the charity – this may include donors and board members. At the end of the day, it is essential for charities to be responsive to all associates.

Ask: Jaclyn believes that whatever problem charities encounter – whether it is looking for expertise in other areas or fundraising, charities should never be afraid or timid to connect with others and ask for support.

Value Proposition: It is crucial for charities to constantly think about their value proposition, as it may change through time based on the needs of the society. Furthermore, charities can think about what they can do to bring additional value to the charity, as well as the service they provide.

Evolve: Last but definitely not least, Jaclyn believes that having the ability to evolve is vital for a charity. Charities should constantly be learning about their surroundings, keeping up with global trends, and persistently educating themselves. This is important for charities to identify the points that they need to evolve.

Thank you Jaclyn for your sharing! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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