Let’s Talk Digitalisation ! 帶領機構邁向數碼化! | ACS IGNITE Next Generation Webinar

JOIN US to talk Digitalisation!“Digital transformation = the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how it operates and delivers value to customers;  a cultural change to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.”The first in a series of discussions on the critical role that IT plays in today’s non-profit organisation : Are you using tech to support your organisation’s service delivery?  What about year-round fundraising? How can under-resourced non-profits effectively utilise tech in order to work smarter and more efficiently?  Come learn from industry experts, who will share case studies and top tips. Click HERE to register. We look forward to seeing you!

「數碼轉型 = 透過數據應用和科技工具的結合,將數碼科技融入企業的所有領域,協助企業創造新的營運模式和價值的創造與傳遞方式;一種文化的改變,不斷挑戰現狀、嘗試並適應失敗。」資訊科技於非牟利機構的營運中有著關鍵的角色:您有利用數據和科技去協助機構提供服務嗎?或透過數碼/電子平台幫助機構全年籌款?而資源不足的非牟利機構又可如何運用數據和科技,邁向數碼轉型以達到更高效的工作?誠邀您參加 IGNITE網上研討會, 由專家分享非牟利機構數碼轉型的成功案例和心得。請按此報名參加網上研討會,我們期待見到您!

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