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The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowships

• Manifest the Love of Christ
• Mindful of the Poor Families
• Making peaceable communities
• Await for a city in harmony

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, New legal immigrant families, Impoverished, Homeless.

Top needs:

• Impoverished families are in grave need of emergency relief funds.
• Support services requests from those low-income families also increased.
• Donation from business sector plummet which in turn reduced the matching grant under the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged.
• Churches facing income drop could no longer support us.


Top 3 challenges:

• Both service needs and emergency relief fund requests surged and thus we have to re-prioritize our operations and had to strive for extra resources.
• Donation from business sector plunged causing the matching grant under the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged decreased at the same time and thus our project size and scope need to scale down significantly.
• Giving from churches decreased and thus we may also need to trim down our headcount.


Impact on beneficiaries:

• We serve the disadvantaged groups in the community and provide substantial assistance. Our service recipients are unemployed people, low-income people, the elderly, youngsters, children, new arrivals and families in crisis, etc.
• We also provide spiritual supports including:- to pay home visits to provide holistic care, which often leads to meaningful dialog among faiths; to help bonding new believers to Christ and His church; to organize or participate in regional service networks for the grassroots so as to gather a concerted effort in serving the poor.

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