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Arts with Disabled Association Hong Kong


Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) has been established as a non-profit and charitable organization since 1986. The Association is a member of the Access/VSA International Network 2022 and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. With the vision of ‘Arts are for Everyone,’ ADAHK believes that everyone has the potential and talent for creativity and a right to enjoy the fullest beauty and vitality of the arts. We are dedicated to providing holistic services to support the development of arts among people with disabilities. We promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities to have access to and excel in the arts; and advocate an inclusive society through the arts.

ADAHK believe:
- We are born different, and we respect our differences.
- It is a basic human right to participate in arts and cultural activities.
- The arts have no boundaries. Everyone can be an artist.
- The arts are for everyone. They help us develop our potential.


Beneficiaries: Disabled people


Top needs:

  • Funding for staff and operations


Top 3 challenges:

  • Finance problem


Impact on beneficiaries:

  • 195 persons attended trainers' training
  • 238 job opportunities for artists with disabilities
  • 1,743 hours of art workshops
  • 95,159 number of audience and attendance


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