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Branches of Hope

Mission: To restore dignity, justice, and hope to the vulnerable and marginalized in Hong Kong.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Physically Disabled / Challenged, Mentally and Emotionally Disabled/Challenged, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, Newly legal immigrant families, Migrant domestic workers, Impoverished, Formal Non-Commercial Organization (e.g., Non-Profits, School, Foundation, Trade Association, Union, etc.), Social enterprises and other non-governmental organization, Refugees and asylum seekers, Homeless, Environment.

Top needs:

  • Funding for staff and operations
  • Funding for programs/ services
  • Funding for items for beneficiaries
  • Donation items (e.g. food, coupons, masks, cloths, furniture, etc.)

Top 3 challenges:

  • Decrease in income due to the cancellations of major fundraising events in the recent years. Many donors also decreased their regular giving, as a result of job loss, relocation, and facing an uncertain future.
  • Emergency relief funding is insufficient. Our fund for ad-hoc bills, such as food, shelter, and doctors’ appointments, was not enough for such an unforeseen crisis. Food price inflation and more people in need coming to us caused us to look for more funding for humanitarian relief purpose.
  • Difficulty in sustaining or developing current and new projects such as program outreach due to insufficient resources.


Impact on beneficiaries:

Our sponsorship programme supports 150 families per year, family size ranges from an individual to seven people. 69 adults received vocational training per year. 82 children joined our regular extracurricular activities per year. 4 received university scholarship per year. 7 adults gained the right to work in Hong Kong and found employment last year.

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