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Bring Me a Book Hong Kong

Mission: Bring Me a Book Hong Kong uses evidence-based research to provide transformational training for parents and educators, the best Chinese and English children’s books and quality programs to access authors and literacy experts, to enrich the lives of all in the Hong Kong community.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Women, Families ad Community, Ethnic Minorities, New legal immigrant families, Impoverished, Children with special education needs.

Top needs:• Critical overhead and staffing needs for core programmes.• Funding for community trainings and books

• Volunteers to help pack and distribute book packs

Top 3 challenges:

• Finding alternative revenue streams after sustaining a 40% reduction in our service revenue since November 2019 with multiple cancelled events.• Surge in no. of grass root families and beneficiaries eg. community centers wanting to receive our trainings and books  • Limited resources to meet the needs for our programmes due to insufficient funding

Impact on beneficiaries:

Bring Me A Book’s award-winning First Teachers™ Training Program has broken down cultural barriers and reshaped reading habits more effectively than any other known program in Hong Kong with over 98% of parents changing their reading habits with their children after joining our workshop.

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