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Brothers And Sisters in Christ Foundation Ltd

Mission: Life education via wish granting for critically ill HK adults.

Beneficiaries: Women, Men, Elderly, Medical conditions.

Top needs:

• Funding to be able to reach more beneficiaries with our work in 2021 and beyond
• Improve our IT systems with the equipment necessary to automate our processes and grow the number of beneficiaries to our core program, Dare to Dream (a 3-week online money management and personal growth course) from 2,800 a year in 2020 to 10,000 a year by 2023
• Volunteers (must have experience or expertise in one of the following domains: fundraising, graphic design, illustration, IT systems, accounting)
• Donation of laptops and smartphones for our office team and our most committed alumni, domestic workers volunteering to support their peers in their studies.

Top 3 challenges:

• Sharp decline of cases as no visit to hospital and elderly homes allowed
• Insufficient trainers for our volunteers
• Inadequate life education

Impact on beneficiaries:

We have helped more than 50 families to say farewell and keep loving memories via granting wishes to the critically ill HK adults in the last 3 years. A photo album and video of each wish journey are also provided free of charge.

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