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ChickenSoup Foundation

Mission: Empowering the soul of both benefactors and beneficiaries.  

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Children with special education needs, Medical conditions, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, Impoverished, Formal Non-Commercial Organization (e.g., Non-Profits, School, Foundation, Trade Association, Union, etc.).

Top needs:

• HKD 10,000 Gift Campaign to fund raise HKD 10 million for 1,000 families.
• Meal Coupon program for 2,000 families with a goal to fund raise HKD 4 million.
• Corporate Volunteers to support our elderly and family empowerment program.
• HKD 2 million (8 graduates) on 1 year Graduate Career Placement Program.

Top 3 challenges:

• Numerous needs from our beneficiaries base due to COVID-19, therefore emergency relief funding will continue be required.
• Regular programs will resume and catch up with key performance indices.

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past 3 years, ChickenSoup Foundation has been actively serving our 12,000 beneficiary base who are under extreme hardship by providing a comprehensive programs in Relief, Self-Empowerment and Community Building, with incubating over 300 collaborations. We have empowered many at-risk families to become more stable with their livelihood and have a more hopeful future. 

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