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Children Chiropractic Foundation Limited

Mission: Straighten up kids.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Children with special education needs, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, Impoverished, Formal Non-Commercial Organization (e.g., Non-Profit, School, Foundation, Trade Association, Union, etc.) and other non-governmental organizations.

Top needs:

• To afford around HKD 500,000 monthly turn over
• Volunteers with clerical and administrative skills
• Volunteers with social media know-how
• To meet some funders(corporate or general funding)
• To meet up some small NGO with similar size to share our experience

Top 3 challenges:

• Substantial decrease in funds raised.
• Resumption of some project service.
• Technology enhancement.

Impact on beneficiaries:

Successfully recruited 341 schools to join straighten up school program which helped 130,000 students build up healthy spine habits and provide chiropractic treatment at a concessionary rate to the general public.

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