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Children’s Heart Foundation


1. To raise public awareness of congenital heart disease
2. To provide financial and psychological support to families with children suffering from congenital heart disease
3. To advocate the development of technology and methods to prevent defects and to treat congenital heart disease

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Physically Disabled/ Challenged, Medical Conditions, Children with special education needs

Top needs:

• Funding for staff and operations
• Funding for programs/ services
• Volunteers with specialist skills
• Funding for items for beneficiaries

Top 3 challenges:

  • Due to the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic and economic crisis, the CHF is facing the huge challenge that it has even seen. Our donation income drops rocketly, meanwhile the demand of the CHF service is growing because of the social uncertainty. For example, the CHF provides larger financial support for children who family cannot afford to pay for some of the medical equipment such as catheters and pacemakers which are not provided by the Government.As being a non-subvented charity, the CHF depends entirely on donations to support its service.

Impact on beneficiaries:

We offer financial support for children receiving treatment, purchases essential medical equipment, organizes developmental training for these special children, provides overnight accommodation for parents of hospitalized children, sponsors research on diagnosis and treatment etc.



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