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Crossroads Foundation Limited

Mission: Crossroads Foundation connects people in need with those who can help. We do so through four services.
• Global Distribution: Receives, processes and distributes excellent quality goods to people in need, in Hong Kong and around the world.
• Global Hand: Connects for-profit and non-profit organisations to help global need.
• Global X-perience: Provides experiential programs which enable participants to step, briefly, ‘into the shoes’ of people facing global challenges: war, poverty, HIV vulnerability, blindness, environmental challenges, hunger, etc.
• Global Handicrafts: sells goods from people in need within Hong Kong, and around the world, on a fair trade basis.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Physically Disabled/ Challenged, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, New legal immigrant families, Refugees and asylum seekers, Migrant domestic workers, Impoverished, Formal Non-Commercial Organization (e.g. Non-Profit, School, Foundation, Trade Association, Union, etc.), Social enterprises and other non-governmental organizations, Environment.

Top needs:

• HK NGOs (and those they serve) need help but many cannot afford the cost of delivery: HKD 960,000 would enable us to meet delivery requests for the next 12 months.
• Paid positions to cover lost full-time volunteer staff: Six positions (HKD 180,000 per position) would cover the gap so we could fully respond to the needs in Hong Kong.
• Companies are offering to donate goods but we are short on storage: HKD 600,000 would allow us to purchase the necessary containers to ensure sufficient secure storage to receive high-quality goods donations and send to those in need.
• Operations to help those in need are the same while donations and social enterprise income have dropped significantly: HKD 5,100,000 would help us cover the shortfall and enable operations to continue serving HK.

Top 3 challenges:

• Financial gap: The loss of social enterprise income (1/4 of total income) and the sharp drop in donations has made it difficult to cover basic operating expenses.
• Human resource gap: Volunteers were not allowed to come help for several months (vs. 6,000+ volunteers in an average year). Also, many full-time volunteer team members experienced forced repatriation. The loss of part-time and full-time team members has created many gaps in our ability to serve HK.
• Capacity to meet new needs in Hong Kong: The struggle to cover financial and volunteer gaps has made it difficult to shift our services to meet new needs even as we continue to strive to help HK’s existing needs.

Impact on beneficiaries:

• Numbers impacted annually: 665,000 people
• Volunteers per year: 6,191 people, 75,540 hours
- Companies in HK volunteering: 52 companies
- Schools in HK volunteering: 71 schools
- Interns per year: 100 students
• Goods saved from landfill, invested in communities: 442,345 kg (split 50/50 between Hong Kong and international communities)
-Value of aid given:  HKD 97,853,056
- Invested in Hong Kong:  93 HK NGOs, average of 6 vans per day
- Invested internationally: 54 NGOs across 24 countries with 90 shipments
• Fair trade sales: HKD 895,503 benefiting 63 fair trade producers across HK and 31 countries
• Experiential programs: 13,310 participants including 8,972 students

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