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Dreams Come True Foundation Ltd

Mission: Dreams Come True Foundation is formed by a group of diverse professionals with the shared vision to empower a very niche unrecognized vulnerable and marginalized people to live out their dreams, to transform challenges in life to self-perseverance, with the courage to make the appear-to-be-unrealizable dreams come true.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Physically Disabled/ Challenged, Impoverished, Children with special education needs.

Top needs:

• Annual HKD 300,000 funding need to support short of operation staff and general expenses.
• Near term HKD 200,000 Donation for program delivery.
• Volunteers in support of fundraising, marketing and communication.

Top 3 challenges:

• Postponed program activities due to drop in volunteer engagements or physical constraints to fullfil case delivery.
• Delayed face-to-face fundraising events.
• Priorities of partnering organizations in conflict with emergency responses.

Impact on beneficiaries:

We engage the community to provide living support and transform life stories of the less fortunate.



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