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Enrich HK

Mission:  Economic Empowerment of Migrant Domestic Workers.

Beneficiaries: Migrant domestic workers

Top needs:

• Funding to be able to sustain Enrich’s work in 2021
• Funding to deliver additional financial counselling
• Volunteers (Grant writer assistant (Cantonese speaker), Community & Social Manager, CRM Assistant)
• Donation of masks and sanitizers
• Donation of laptops

Top 3 challenges:

• An increase in the demand for individual support (e.g: financial counseling).
• A shortage of internal capabilities to respond to the crisis, especially on specific expertise and skills (e.g., Digital expertise).
• Uncertainty in terms of funding for 2021 and beyond as many funders may postpone their engagement.

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past three years, Enrich HK reached over 40,000 migrant domestic workers through their education and outreach programmes. Based on the evaluation study conducted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2016/2017, Enrich’s tailored approach enables domestic workers to be equipped with the knowledge to take greater control of their finance, realize their financial goals and be confident to speak with their family and friends. Enrich HK has been awarded, for the second consecutive year, the Financial Education Champion Award 2020 by the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC).

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